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Transitions Projects, Inc. (503) 823-4930

     Serves people that are homeless without children

     Rental assistance (will help people facing eviction and will also help people get into housing)

     Will make appropriate referrals for people with children based on their zip codes

     Mail& Messages

     Showers and clean clothes


Housing Outreach Team (503) 238-5201

     Serves people receiving mental health services through Cascadia

     Rental Assistance (will help find suitable housing and referral service)

     Eviction prevention services

     Home-based stabilization services


     Case management

     Mediation between landlords and tenants


Aging and Disability Services of Multnomah County (503) 988-3620

     Serves people with disabilities and senior citizens

     Rental assistance (limited financial assistance, referral services)

     Shelter services

     Transitional housing program

     Basic furniture

     Move in costs


Bradley Angle House (503) 281-2442

     Serves victims of domestic violence (women only and boys up to age 11 and girls up to age 18

     24-Hour crisis line: (503) 281-2442

     Emergency Shelter

     Transitional shelter


     Support groups


Central City Concern (503) 241-0671

     Low-income families and singles in recovery

     Chemical dependency services


El Program Hispana (503) 669-8350

     Serves low-income, Latinos in Multnomah and North Clackamas counties

     Housing assistance (referrals and limited financial assistance)

     Translation / interpretation

     Information and support groups for those affected by domestic violence

     Health education and illness prevention

     Tax clinic (February to April)


     Case management

     Job listings

     Cultural events, community forum


Fees for these services:

Classes to pass the citizenship exam: English as a Second Language courses: Classes to pass the written driver's examination: Counseling for individuals, couples, and families: Legal assistance with immigration matters: Presentations on Latino issues


IRCO - International Refugee Center of Oregon (503) 234-1541

     Serves low-income, limited English speaking, SE Asian and other refugee individuals and families at risk of homelessness

     Housing assistance (referrals to housing resources, NO financial assistance available)



LOTUS - Liberating Ourselves through Understanding Sexploitation (503) 282-1082

     Serves survivors of prostitution

     Emergency supplies

     Clothing assistance

     Support groups


Northwest Pilot Project (503) 227-5605

     Serves low-income adults age 50 and over, who are capable of independent living, and who do not have any children under the age of 18 in their household. Must be either living in Multnomah county or homeless

     Housing assistance (both referral services and limited financial assistance)

     Eviction prevention services



Oregon Human Development Corp., Hispanic Access (503) 236-9670

     Serves low-income Hispanic individuals who speak only Spanish

     Housing assistance for existing clients of over 3 months (financial assistance, VERY limited)

     Emergency financial assistance (VERY limited)

     Referral services

     Translation and interpretation (mostly with paper work and other forms)

     Employment services (job listings every Tuesday)


Outside In (503) -223-4121

     Serves homeless youth under 21

     Housing assistance (NO financial assistance given)

     Provides transitional on-site housing for up to one year

     Case managers


     Mail drop


Raphael House (503) 222-6222

     Victims of domestic / sexual violence (women only; boys up to 17 and girls up to 18)

     Emergency shelter up to 4 weeks

     Referral services (may help find housing if not in an emergency shelter)

     Case management


Southwest Portland:


Portland Impact (503) 988-6000

     Serves families with children in inner SE Portland west of I-205

     Emergency rental assistance (VERY limited financial assistance)

     Housing assistance (mostly referrals)

     Energy assistance (VERY limited and subject to funding availability)

     Information and referral services


     Case management services

     Support and parent-child play groups

     Shelter for case-management clients


Human Solutions (503) 988-5201

     Serves families east of 82nd Ave.

     Rental assistance (VERY limited short-term financial assistance and referrals)

     Transitional housing (over 200 apartment units built specifically for families and rented at an affordable cost)

     Utility payments Hotel vouchers Free clothing and other household items

     Case management services


Southwest Portland:


Neighborhood House (503) 285-0493

     Serves low-income families in SW Portland

     Rental assistance (VERY limited financila assistance, referral services

     Transitional housing (priority given to clients from shelters)

     Laundry vouchers

     Energy assistance

     Food boxes

     Commuity groups


Northeast Portland:


Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA) (503) 285-0493

     Serves families in North and Northeast Portland

     Rental assistance (MUST have children and be employed, limited slots available on a daily basis, offers limited financial assistance and referral services)

     Shelter service

     Transitional housing

     Hotel vouchers

     Housing classes

     Emergency energy assistance (VERY limited, processing takes 2-3 months)

     Food and water assistance

     Childcare services


YWCA Housing Enrichment Resources (503) 721-6760

Serves low-income families in N Portland

     Shelter services for families - up to 4 weeks

     Rental assistance (referral services and  VERY limited financial assistance for those families already in the shelter)

     Energy assistance (very limited)


Northwest Portland:


Friendly House (503) 228-4335

     Energy assistance

     Rental assistance (referral service)

     Transition housing for families with children

     Help finding available shelter space

     Food boxes


West Women and Children Shelter (503) 224-7718

     Serves women only and children (girls under 18 and boys under 11)

     Emergency domestic violence shelter run by the Salvation Army in NW Portland

     Transitional housing on-site for up to two years

     Referral services

     Case management services

     Meals offered

     Some voucher funds available (VERY limited)


Rose Haven Catholic Charities (503) 248-6364

     Serves homeless women and their children

     Showers and laundry facilities

     Referals and connections to housing (NO financial assistance available)

     Phone use, address service

     Group counseling and clinics


YWCA Yolanda House (503) 977-7930

     Serves women only and children (boys up to 9 years old and girls up to 18) affected by domestic violence: must be 5 days clean & sober and maintain non-use while in the shelter

     Emergency shelter (up to 30 day stay)

     Emergency medical assistance

     Rental assistance (NO financial assistance available, referral services available)

     Clothing, food and other personal goods

     Mandatory group meetings

     Case management services

     Services Methadone clients

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